Train Robbers And Holdup Men

Notorious outlaw and train robber Frank James said it best… "Jesse and I never went into any place that didn't have a back door."




There’s a huge difference between an Amazon product selling $50,000 per month and a product selling $500,000 per month…

There’s ONE key factor that makes the difference:

How high the product is ranked in Amazon’s search results.

Amazon ranks products that sell, and Sponsored Product Ads are the quickest way to increase your sales and get your listings to the top of the search results.

Most Sellers are showing up to rob the train holding their piggy bank.

Stop wasting your time obsessing over how to lower your ACoS. Trying to save a few dollars is what prevents Sellers from making real money on Amazon.

With advertising, only the amateurs focus on “front end” profits. The real money on Amazon is made on the “back end,” using paid ads to 10X your organic sales.

The only way to keep up with the increasing competition on Amazon, is to sell more products, and outrank your competitors in the search results.

In the Old West when two men squared off on the dusty length of main street the winner was often a hired gun.

The townspeople would hire a gunfighter-turned-lawman to restore order to their town when it became desperately out of control.

Once order was restored, the fast gun would move on to the next town. 

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