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Killer Keywords will show you how to "mine" your most profitable keywords from your Sponsored Product campaigns to rank at the top of the search results.

Enroll in this Keyword Research class to learn:

  • How to leverage match types as a tool to discover new keywords, to continually increase sales and revenue.
  • Create a list of relevant and high converting keywords to secure the top ad positions, and get your products in front of the shoppers most likely to buy.
  • Evaluate your keywords for profit potential before you spend money testing them with pay-per-click.
  • "Mine" keywords from your search term report to optimize your campaigns and back end search terms. 




In the Sponsored Showdown, you’ll learn how to create Sponsored Product campaigns that sell more of your products and consistently outrank the competition.

Enroll in this Sponsored Products class to learn:

  • How to structure your keywords and campaigns for scale to improve your product listings organic rank.
  • Exclusive software tools and data hacking techniques I use to 3X monthly sales and profits (resulting in seven-figure monthly sales, not yearly).
  • Simplified optimization workflow that will save you hundreds of hours and avoid wasted ad dollars.
  • Grow your business with advertising; track and measure the impact ads have on your bottom line.




The Search Showdown will teach you how to improve your organic rankings and keep your competitors where they belong - a few spots below you in the search results.

Enroll in this Amazon Ranking class to learn:

  • How to optimize your back end search terms, avoiding the common errors that negatively impact your rank.
  • Discover how text matching influences the A9 Algorithm, and how to "mine" keywords from the top ranked product pages to improve your listings.
  • Analyze your competitor's product listings to write titles, bullets, and descriptions that convert to sales.
  • Proven best practices to win the top positions in the search results for new and established products. 




There's only one banner position available in the search results, with Marketing Maverick you'll get the drop on your competition, before they get the drop on you. 

Enroll in this Headline Search and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) class to learn:

  • How to combine keywords, ad copy, and product images to convert more shoppers to buyers.
  • Optimize your Headline Search and Product Display campaigns for lower CPC's, higher CTR's, sustainable ACoS, and increased sales velocity.
  • The importance of creating a clear path to purchase with congruent Headline Search landing pages.
  • How to “mine” out your money making keywords and segment them for increased sales and profits.